My history…

This is my first blog page… YUPI!!

It is easy to talk about your friends, parents, kids etc. but sometimes it is hard to talk about yourself… isn’t it??

I will try to describe myself the best that I can. =)

I become a Graphic Designer because I saw my dad draw this beautiful buildings, yes he is an Architect. I always was amaze to how he can take the clients idea and transform it into a piece of art. (buildging or house).

When I went to college I had to learn to design with a pencil colors and pencils, the computer design start to get it into my university, so at the end of the last year I had the privilege to know a Mac it was really cool to see your project into the computer, then send it to a special printing shop to print the final job in color. WOW!!! the most impressive thing it was no long time ago…. I think!!!

As a designers we have to keep up with technology and see what the world is doing to advertise and publish their products.

So now I am trying to become a Graphic / Web designer so I can offer more to any client.

Wish me luck!!!


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