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Important Magazines for Web Developers

Hello, I recently found out that as a Web developers we have to search information but we have do not have time to spend and get lost looking for something.

We have to make our own library with the right sites, magazines or other sources so we can get the answer fast.

Here are some of the sources that I believe are very important to have as a Web Developer:

WebDesigner Magazine 

CSS Tricks




Help Websites to use


Get some experience…


In the last past days someone recommended to me that between I am at school I can still working and get some practice entering at this contest page…99 designs.

Click here for more  information. and Good Luck!!!


Who is Matt-Mickiewicz and how you can work for him.



Add a Map into a Web site

great news 

The importance of “SEO”

After I read the book: “Increase your Web Traffic in a weekend” Jerry Lee Ford.  I realize that SEO is very important to know it and putting on practice. This book gaves you a lot of tools and tips to how to publish your web site and maintain your web site with the most used search engines, I recommend to you to have this book very close to you when you are designing a web page.

I search a little bit more about how a SEO specialist works and I found a really good article:

——The best SEO Specialists and practitioners around are a combination of these attributes. True, they might not have these attributes all at once but that’s what makes them unique and valuable. No one SEO specialist has it all – that’s why you need a team. If you know you’re not there yet then you better start developing these attributes NOW.

Fast and independent learner

Knows the importance of the little things

Critical thinker and analyst


Team player

Search Engine Optimization Questionnaire  SEOQA

QR Code…

QR code link

Here is a better table for qr code usuable space… click here

10 business using QR code in real life… click here


What a “good web site has to offer for a client’?

So what does a good website do for you? Visit this link

Difference between “Tablets”

My kids ask me which ” Tablet I wanted for Christmas Present”

And believe it or not I could not decide it because with all the new Tablets I am not sure wich one is the best, so I investigate a little bit and I found this…

Click here…

or here

How to buy a tablet? click here…

The Best 5 Tablets so far…

iPad 2 – Asus Transformer Prime – Sony  Tablet S – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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So hopefully you can help me to decide and my kids can give it to me for my birthday… ;0