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Easy ways to learn WordPress

This is a great page for people are new with WordPress. It has a lot of tips and solutions of common wordpress issues.

Check it out it will help you for sure =)

The WEB is not that Innocuous Service you Thought!

The WEB is not that Innocuous Service you Thought!.

This web site took my attention because I never tought that the browser geegs control what I see in the internet.

Check this video out and find out what they do everytime that you search a word on the browsers.


When I was navigating to a web site I found out that inside the web page they were offering podcasting.

Because I am upgrading my knowledge to new technology, I was wonder what is a Podcast and how you can integrated into a website.

Do you know the origin from Podcast word??

iPod + Broadcast = Podcast

Most Podcasts Are Free.


Podcast can be automatically downloaded to your computer and synced to your MP3 player without you lifting a finger.

You can think of a podcast as being like a magazine because you subscribe to it and receive new content regularly.

Now You Can Listen to Exactly What You Want, When You Want and How You Want!

If you want to learn HOW TO PODCAST… just click here.

Here is another web site related to PODCAST

Weekly Cool Blogs!!!

I am new to the website world and when I was looking for some web information I  found this blog very interesting because it talks about the fundamentals of a web design. I am agree with the author about to be consistent in the web design,  using generic fonts, treat your images and illustration as a design components and minimize the advertising spots that only distract our readers. These are really good design tips to follow.

As a website designers we always have to remember the reader… and keep his attention to our site.

If you want to read the whole blog just click here: